Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown's drawings, paintings, collages and mixed media assemblages have been shown in venues such as the Spool Factory, Russell Sage College Gallery, Foreman Gallery, Yeager Museum, Impact Gallery, Center Way Gallery, WomanMade Gallery and the Cooperstown Art Association. Her artwork has been printed and reviewed in a variety of artistic, journalistic and academic publications such as Somerset Studio, Mother Tongue Ink, NYSATA News, and Museo Dei Tarocci. Her artwork was recently published in Traveling through Glass, with poet Lisa Harris through Cayuga Lake Books in 2017,

Patricia Brown taught visual art in public schools in central New York State; where she was awarded Art Educator of the Year.  She holds a MS in Visual Arts Education from State University College at Buffalo. She now works as a creative art coach and educational consultant in the visual arts. Patricia creates art in her Wild Spirit Art Studio in Lansing, NY.

Traveling Through Glass, artist Patricia Brown, poet Lisa Harris, Cayuga Lake Books, 2017,

Counting, a series of “In Motion” drawings, are presented in the first chapter in Traveling Through Glass, a collaboration with poet Lisa Harris and artist Patricia Brown. Each number, each poem, zero through twelve, became a threshold, a point of departure and, for Brown, an opportunity to explore ways gesture expresses archetype. The interpretation of each poem began with drawing a dancing model in charcoal on paper, a spontaneous grab of the movement of their dance. Often Brown drew with both hands at once, a strategy she used to move away from literal thinking and to find the gesture that expressed the emotional and spiritual depth of each poem. Brown realized she needed color to fully communicate the intensity in the world of each poem, thus she transformed each drawing into a painting (images 1 – 9).

In Motion
(Images 10 and 11) As the model twists her torso, raises her arm, drops her waist, turns her head, and transfers her weight from one leg to another; I draw.  I feel the strain, the flow, and the energy. I draw everything – her feet, legs, hip, elbow, fingers, toes, neck, and spine.   I draw nothing – the wake of the body as it moves through space. The model leaves; the imprint of the gesture remains. I pause. I take time to gaze and contemplate the marks. I erase the unnecessary to reveal the essential. I work until the drawing speaks clearly and takes on life.

Present Time
(Image 12) I practice making art as meditation. In each drawing I stay present, open, and spontaneous. This allows me to arrive at a place of timelessness. My art has become my playground where I explore new ideas as they intrigue me. The Present Time Installation documents a continual journey: each drawing is numbered, dated and placed into a time-card rack. Each time this installation is shown, new images are added. The viewer accompanies me by interacting with the colors, marks, materials, and subjects that capture my attention.


Time and Motion, SOAG 2017

Patty will have a two person show with Ileen Kaplan in September 2019. New works appear every month in the Salon. 


Nothing and Everything 



In Motion Drawing October 2017




In Motion Drawing April 2018




Present Time SOAG 2017