MaryAnn Bowman

I was a potter for many years before I discovered what else clay can do.  For now, I have a clay that works well for this purpose and a way of starting with a very simple form that easily allows the addition of a head (thereby telling me what kind of creature I’m making), and arms/wings/fins (which convey whatever mood the creature wants).  What I have now is a cast of characters that love nothing better than to entertain people and make them smile.



MaryAnn's sculptures are part of “Spirit, Dreams, Invention,” a three-person show featuring her work as well as Stan Bowman's abstract artworks and Jan Kather's photo/video installation through July 2018. MaryAnn says her work proceeds from clue to clue until she says, “That’s it!” and she sees something new and special.


Frog Yes!

I Dance


Transport Fish

Garden Rabbit



Bird with Chair

Birds Leafy Wings 3

Shore Bird 2

Silver Birds

This Bird That Bird at Home