Ileen Kaplan

In  my work I want to express everything about a moment in time: the light, the feeling, the sense of space, the inner life, the action, and the stillness. Whether I am doing an abstract or a representational painting, it is still about the moment.  Every time I pick up a brush I feel the excitement and frustration of trying to express what I am feeling about a specific moment in its totality. Although this may be a nearly impossible goal, it is endlessly intriguing and lots of fun.

High Surf Warning

High Surf Warning

Ileen will have a two person show with Patty Brown in September 2019. New works appear every month in the Salon. 


Big Yellow

Spring Fever

At Play


Keep Talking, I’m Listening


Floating Red

Flight Pattern

Obsessed with Jazz



Path of Least Resistance

SOAG Exhibition, September 2017: Luminous Worlds

From Ileen: In “Luminous Worlds” I am exploring my feelings and reactions to the world around me using abstraction in ways that I have not tried before. Playing with painted and torn paper, collage, printmaking tools, pastels, graphite and oils  has opened my imagination up to new ways of looking at the world and expressing my own inner landscape.


State of the Art Gallery Exhibition, January 2013: Color Stories

“Color Stories,” was a two-person show of oil paintings by Ileen Kaplan and sculpture by Mary Ann Bowman. The title of the show is a distillation of the qualities that connect their work–color, light and space.  In talking about their work, the artists say they are both are interested in stimulating the imaginations of viewers.  “Our work has evoked questions such as ‘What is going to happen next?’ or ‘What is the story behind that?’ We realized,” they continue, “that we want viewers to be drawn into the work and to create their own stories”—thus, the title “Color Stories.”

State of the Art Gallery Exhibition, January  2011: Four Dimensions

FOUR DIMENSIONS, the first exhibition of 2011, will showcased the four new members of State of the Art: Mary Ann Bowman, Ileen Kaplan, Janet Byer Sherman and James Spitznagel. Bowman showed ceramics and photographs, Kaplan and Byer Sherman exhibited paintings and Spitznagel showed digital abstract prints.