5:00 PM17:00

Opening Reception


November Artists:

Eva Capobianco

Sheryl Sinkow

Ileen Kaplan

Patty Brown

Ethel Vrana

Patty Porter

Saundra Goodman

Nancy Ridenour

Susan Larkin

Margy Nelson

Daniel McPheeters

Shirley Hogg

Vanessa McCafferty

Jane Dennis

David Watkins, Jr.

Tobias Inigo

Michael Sampson

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to May 27

Roots - Real and Remembered

Solo exhibition from Eva Capobianco

Roots – Real and Remembered,” a show of sculpture and cross-stitched work by Eva M. Capobianco, will be held at State of the Art Gallery during May. The “real” roots in her work, Ms. Capobianco says, have been found on trails and roads near her home and beyond and they are combined with re-used bits of old furniture, glass and other objects collected over time. This series is a continuation of themes she has explored for years.

The “remembered” roots are memories from her childhood and youth, a new autobiographical series, stitched into both words and images. Not every piece in the show contains a root, she says, but this is the dominant connecting element in both series.

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2:00 PM14:00

Book Talk and signing with Meredith Ann Fuller

Meredith Ann Fuller will be in the gallery to discuss her award winning debut novel.

Kirkus Reviews has released their list of Best Indie Books of 2017 and Meredith Ann Fuller’s debut novel Quarry has made the list. Quarry portrays the difficulty of coming of age in immigrant families that have suppressed painful histories.
Fuller, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, stated, “Being included on this prestigious list is quite humbling and very exciting for Quarry. As a writer I want to tell stories that resonate, educate, entertain and allow the reader to be a part of the narrative. I’m thrilled that Quarry is being recognized and accepted in the literary community.”

Resurrecting a lost 19th century tradition, the artist Joan Anderson has designed a
stunningly illustrated novel for adult readers of our time. Published by Mountain
Water Press, Quarry is a gorgeous book to hold and savor. Over forty illustrations
grace the pages, inviting readers to follow Rose’s journey toward understanding her

Photo of meredith for pr.jpg
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to Apr 29

Inner Worlds/Outer Worlds - Two Views

Painting and sculpture by Jane Dennis and Diana Ozolins.

Dennis’ metaphorical paintings and sculptures explore the psychological and bureaucratic structures that people create to order or disorder their world, while Ozolins’ realistic paintings celebrate the beauty and wonder of our natural world.

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to Jan 28

Members, Part I

“Members’ Show, Part I,” works of art by half of the gallery members:  Carol Abitabilo Ast, Patty Brown, Eva Capobianco, Jane Dennis, Ileen Kaplan, Jan Kather, Margy Nelson, Diana Ozolins, Nancy Ridenour, Michael Sampson, Sheryl Sinkow, Jim Spitznagel, Ethel Vrana, and Connie Zehr.  On exhibition will be paintings, work in pastel, sculpture, photography, and more. Show dates:  January 3 through 28, 2018 with a reception for the artists on Friday, January 5, 5-8pm. Members not showing in January will show in February.

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