Don Ellis

My earliest memories are memories of making things - drawing roads among the roots of a huge spruce tree - shaping the dry soil up close to the trunk into little roads for little trucks.

My mobiles, beginning in 2013, are made mostly from trees, designed to be suspended from trees. The mobiles shape the wind under trees and sometimes reflect the shape of humanity.

My framed art stems from a few named series and spreads in several directions. I am now making an Autobiographic Series, a Finger Lakes Drawings Series, a series featuring one animal in a Kandinskyesque place, and a series inspired by quotes, usually from poetry, such as my King of the River painting, inspired by Stanley Kunitz’s “King of the River”.

Studio days include acrylic painting, drawing with durable Polychromos pencils, and some computer graphics. Shop days produce mobiles, picture frames, and occasionally an architectural model. Please contact me for mobiles, prints and originals, loose or framed.

In Ithaca and  Trumansburg, New York I am involved in the Greater Ithaca Art Trail and the Cayuga Artist Collaborative. I exhibit often in the region; have framed pieces and mobiles in galleries; and occasionally teach short art courses.

Philomathic Library Mobile

Philomathic Library Mobile

Sculptor  Working


35 Bradley Street
Trumansburg, NY 14886
607 280 8993

Instagram: #donellisartist

Facebook: @donellisartist



Harriet Tubman in the Finger Lakes

1964 Xuxlemobiles

King of the River

2004 Town Board Meeting

Sugar Moon

1963 Working at Abbottholm

Heron and Snacks Mobile

Temple Model

Canal Boats on the Finger Lakes

1969 Cahokia

The Gossamer Thread