David Watkins, Jr. 

Trained as a graphic designer in the early sixties, how I compose an image, a page or screen has always guided my work. Since retiring from media administration at Cornell University, I’ve pursued several thematic areas: abstracts, botanicals and landscapes. Work in each of those areas is strongly influenced by color, early morning and evening light and weather.

The balance of my botanical images are predominately from my own garden. Landscapes focus on mood and unique or intimate versions of a location rather than the familiar.

It would be difficult for me to pursue a single theme or become so caught up in the technical aspects of photography, that they become most important. I am singularly interested in what an image can become artistically.

For inspiration, there are several places that I return to again and again – my own garden, Acadia National Park and the Maine coast and woods.  In those places, the opportunity to explore beyond the obvious and the iconic, is the goal.



201 Hillview Place
Ithaca, New York  14850

email: dow1@cornell.edu
(607) 272-2147


You may also find David's work on Instagramdowjr75, on Facebook and for purchase at  Fine Art America

All images shown here are available for purchase as limited edition archival prints. They are available on paper, canvas or metal.
Prices on Request

Andrew Charles and Bluetiful 

Andrew Charles and Bluetiful 

David will show next in “Members’ Show, Part II,” works of art by half of the gallery members. On exhibition will be paintings, works in pastel, sculpture, photography, and more. Show dates: January 31  through Feb. 25th, 2018, with a reception for the artists on Friday, February 2, 5-8pm.


Fall Leaves on Granite

Rock Acadia No. 7

Notes from the Field 

Fall Aspens, Acadia 

Leaf Abstract VII

Memories of Summer

Burgandy Wine

Winter Squall 

The Waiting Room 

Red Maple Leaf Collage 

Past and Present 

Above the Clouds on Cadillac Mountain