Connie Zehr

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Connie Zehr received a BFA in sculpture at Ohio State University in 1960. She has created on-site ephemeral installations in museums and galleries nationally and internationally including: The Whitney Museum of American Art (New York City, NY); The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL); Pasadena Art Museum (Pasadena, CA); Taipei Fine Art Museum (Taipei, Taiwan); Salvatori Ala Galeria (Milan, Italy); Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford, CT); Newspace Gallery (Los Angeles, CA); and numerous university galleries.

In 1987, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park (Los Angeles, CA) mounted an 18 year retrospective exhibition where she recreated scaled down versions of six major sand installations in the 10,000 sq. ft. space. Ten years later, in the same space, she participated in an exhibition, “SENSUALITY IN THE ABSTRACT,” where she created three new installations (consecutively) over a three month period and exhibited the first “iris” prints relating to those installations.

She is included in “Sunshine Muse,” by Peter Plagens; “Originals,” by Eleanor Munro; and “L.A. Rising,” by Lynn Kienholz. Connie is an Emeritus Professor of Art at Claremont Graduate University where she taught in the art department from 1982-2009 and was Chairperson from 2001-2008. She moved to Horseheads, NY in 2010 and has been a member of State of the Art Gallery since 2015.


ECHO at State of the Art Gallery 2017


24 Rosewood Road
Horseheads, NY  14845

(607) 358-4086


State of the Art Gallery Exhibition, May 2017.

ECHO, a temporary installation of glass and sand, is the photographed object I’ve used to develop multi-panel print images. The patterns in the sand, reflected in glass canes and spheres, change as you move around the installation, providing an unlimited variety of visual experiences. This exhibition reflects my continued interest in the difference between how we experience the object and the image  of  the  object.

Gary Hodges photographed ECHO (the installation).

Miranda Satterly was my computer/photoshop assistant for ECHO (multi-panel prints).



glass and sand installation 24" x 36" x 20"


ECHO: Allegro

ECHO: Allegro

multi-paneled metal print 36" × 72"

ECHO: Crescendo

ECHO: Staccato

4-panel metal print 12″ x 48″


ECHO: Vibrato

ECHO: Vibrato

5-panel metal print 36″ x 36"

ECHO: Allegro

ECHO: Crescendo

multi-paneled metal print


ECHO: Chord

ECHO: Chord

3-panel metal print 12" × 24"

Study 1: Blue

glass and sand pedestal installation
24" x 24" x 18" 

The following images are of small glass and sand pedestal studies for a large floor installation (12'x16'x36" approx.), "The Place Between", to be exhibited at  The Delaware Contemporary, in Wilmington, De. July 20-Nov. 4, 2018.

Study 3: Red

glass and sand installation 32" x 32" x 24". 

Study 2: Yellow

glass and sand installation 24" x 24" x 16"

Study 2: Yellow (detail)